(Memphis, TN – October 10, 2022) Marybeth Conley has been a fixture in the Memphis media market for 37 years. Recently, she retired from WREG-TV as co-anchor of Live at 9 to marry her childhood crush, Rick Woodall, and start a new project called Flip My Life. Today on her social media platforms, Marybeth starts sharing information about her new life and the new project. Rick, the building contractor and Marybeth, the television news professional, have not just teamed up for life, but for restorative justice.

“Today we start a short video series sharing information about the new Flip My Life series,” said Conley. “My husband Rick and I are committed to rebuilding abandoned houses and sharing those properties with those who need a second chance.”

The couple will take houses off the tax rolls and renovate them for people who are returning to their communities from prison. The Flip My Life series will tell the stories of good people who have done bad things and are working to redeem their lives.

Rick explains, “the pilot gives you an idea of what the series will be once it launches. It will explore issues in a returning citizens’ family life and history that contributed to incarceration. And we’ll cover how the people have held themselves accountable and are turning their lives around. Our goal is to help them in some small way by providing a place for them to stay while they’re doing that work.”

This week on Marybeth’s Facebook page  Marybeth Conley | Facebook they discuss why they started this project. Here is a link to the pilot of Flip My Life Pilot.

The first renovation will turn a dilapidated house in Frayser into a transition house to be run by longtime re-entry non-profit Lifeline 2 Success. The cost to renovate the house and produce the first web series is budgeted at about $150,000. One major sponsor is assisting with material donations. Sponsorships and individual donations can be made available at the GoFundMe page https://www.gofundme.com/f/flipmylife.