Memphis, Tenn. (March 21, 2023) – Most fathers want to be great dads. Low-income fathers sometimes feel isolated and unable to provide the emotional and financial support their children need. The AFIRM Program can change that.

AFIRM – A Father’s Involvement Really Matters – is a new program led by local non-profit Families Matter, working closely with Maximus, a leading employer and worldwide provider of government services. AFIRM is currently recruiting low-income fathers from Shelby County between the ages of 18 and 40, who are connected to Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) or who have a recent child support order.

AFIRM has three main goals:

  • Increase economic mobility – how much low-income dads earn over time – so they can support themselves and their families.
  • Increase capacity for healthy parenting so low-income dads are emotionally connected to their children.
  • Improve support for low-income dads so they can pay child support consistently.

AFIRM meets these goals by offering fathers a program focused on three main needs:

  • Career Building and Job Placement

Fathers can gain skills in a target industry sector that leads to high-wage careers. Along with training, the AFIRM Program offer internships, job placement and support for keeping jobs over time.

  • Fatherhood Coaching and Parenting Support

Fathers will learn healthy parenting skills in a Fatherhood workshop, a co-parenting workshop and a peer support group (by fathers, for fathers).

  • Help With Managing Child Support

The AFIRM program dispels myths and help fathers gain a fact-based understanding of what to expect in the child support system. It offers support for managing the process. It also helps fathers develop visitation plans, so they can see their children regularly.

Low-income fathers in Shelby County who want to learn more about the AFIRM Program should call 901-445-0115 or visit

 AFIRM is funded by the Tennessee Department of Human Services, TANF Opportunity Act.

Transforming Tennessee Together (T3) is an initiative brought forth by the TANF Opportunity Act. This initiative will help individuals, families, and the state of Tennessee by creating a new vision for Tennessee’s social safety net and is dedicated to helping low-income families grow beyond their vulnerabilities. The T3 initiative empowers all Tennesseans by partnering with local organizations to reach deep into their communities and work shoulder to shoulder with individuals and families, growing their capacity to take on life’s challenges and reducing their dependence on the social safety net.

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