M. B. Partee’s Gourmet Pecans Awarded $1,500 Grant

The Carter Malone Group LLC, one of the largest female-owned public relations firms in the Mid-south, owned by Deidre Malone, announced Michael Partee of M.B. Partee’s Gourmet Pecans the winner of its best business plan grant competition on Thursday, May 15th.

The Annual Controlling How the Cookie Crumbles: Educating and Empowering Entrepreneurs Symposiums happened earlier in the year. At the end of the symposiums, participants were asked to submit their own business plan using the information learned for a chance to be awarded a $1,500 grant to help get their business started or to help them grow their business.

“This was a great learning experience,” said Michael Partee, owner of M. B. Partee’s Gourmet Pecans. “Through their symposium, I was able to truly look at my business and identify strengths and weaknesses that will affect its success long-term. In fact, I’d like to think that I learned more about my business through the process of writing this business plan than I they learned from reviewing it.” Partee is a life-long Memphian and a well-recognized artist with work displayed across the country.

“I truly believe in giving back to the community and helping others as much as possible,” said Deidre Malone. “If we are going to thrive as a county, then we must help create new business opportunities on every level. These symposiums are designed to inform aspiring and new women and minority entrepreneurs how to be successfully from the beginning.”

For more information on Controlling How the Cookie Crumbles annual symposiums, visit www.cmgpr.com.