Malone Receives Endorsements from Memphis AFL-CIO Labor Council and Tennessee Equality Project

Deidre Malone, Democratic Nominee for Shelby County Mayor, added two more endorsements to her growing list of support today. The Memphis AFL-CIO Labor Council and Tennessee Equality Project (TEP) both showed their support for Malone by endorsing her candidacy for Shelby County Mayor.

“Every endorsement I receive helps us get closer to our goal of leading Shelby County as the next Mayor,” says Malone. “I’m honored and grateful for the Memphis AFL-CIO Labor Council and TEP support and even more grateful for the enthusiastic volunteers who are coming on board for the campaign.”

Malone credits her long list of endorsements to “What people want.” She says, “I am committed to economic development in our county and equality for Shelby County’s LGBT community. These things matter to people and they want to see leadership that supports it.”

For more information about Deidre Malone for Shelby County Mayor, visit or call the campaign headquarters at 901-401-0599.


Corporate Statement From the Carter Malone Group

On Monday, June 2, 2014, The Carter Malone Group, LLC and Deidre Malone were notified they were named in a lawsuit filed by Christina Stevison and Stevison Group, the alleged owners of the Sisterhood Showcase.  Apparently, The Carter Malone Group, LLC was named as a defendant in this lawsuit because its client, Minerva Little, the publisher of Spirit Magazine and owner of Sistahs Succeed 2, Inc., is producing a showcase event at the Memphis Cook Convention Center on June 6-7, 2014.

The Carter Malone Group, LLC and Deidre Malone contend that they were wrongfully included as parties in this lawsuit and that the allegations against them are patently false.  It is our belief that this lawsuit is politically motivated and designed to negatively impact Deidre Malone’s race for Shelby County Mayor.  This is particularly evident because Deidre Malone was named individually in the lawsuit, although The Carter Malone Group, LLC has the contractual relationship with Minerva Little and the Sistahs Succeed 2 Showcase.

Deidre Malone and The Carter Malone Group, LLC are strongly considering filing a counter-lawsuit against Ms. Stevison, Sisterhood Showcase and Grace Magazine for their abuse of the judicial system and defamation of character.

All further questions from media, should be directed to attorney Robert L. J. Spence, Jr. at The Spence Law Firm, PLLC, and (901) 312-9160.